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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dallas in honor of Kate Rags

This past weekend I traveled to Dallas, Texas with several of my close college friends for a bachelorette party! No it wasn’t this crazy weekend that no one remembers except for male strippers everywhere, it was… tastefully done! (I appreciated this greatly!) The bride, Kate is not so into the craziness of what a typical bachelorette party tends to be, so we did it her way. I will be the first to tell you she was a TROOPER though! She did wear a sash and a veil and a flashing button that said, “I am the Bride,” which was plenty of flashiness for her! Kate’s MOH, Molly Brown is an AMAZING weekend planner! She lives in New York, but her parents were gracious enough to lend us their house for the weekend so that all the girls didn’t have to foot the bill for hotel rooms and such. We were VERY thankful of this! It gave us time to visit with each other and get to know some of the other people in the wedding. (Kate has bridesmaids from both high school and college.) 

The Bride, Kate!

Just an FYI, I promised Kate that I would not upload any embarrassing pictures from the weekend, so per re request, I have shared the ones I think she would approve of J.

There were 4 of us that drove over from Mississippi/Tennessee (Oxford, Nashville, Jackson). This was a LONG drive but SO worth it! When your funds are limited, you do what you have to do celebrate with friends J The rest of the crew flew/live in Dallas, but I’m proud to say we were only missing 1 bridesmaid. Pretty impressive if you ask me! (We missed you Bry!!!)

Some of the Bridesmaids with Kate
L to R Kate A, Leah, Kate R, Elizabeth, Caroline, Laura Kate

So what did we do to entertain ourselves on this weekend? Glad you asked! Friday we got all showered up and spent some time just lounging around this GORGEOUS house! I felt like I was in a Southern Living Magazine, the details throughout the home were incredible! Kate’s mom dropped by with a couple of her friends early in the evening to say hey and have a few drinks with us and then left us to entertain ourselves for the evening. Molly’s parents provided supper for us from Mi Cocina, a local Texas Mexican restaurant. They even had corn tortillas that my roommate, Kate and I could eat!! (you can recall that Lent is still going on, so I am still not eating bread) Yay! So proud we made it all the way through the weekend without bread  J !!!  Okay back to the fun… We played a question game that got me thinking. Here is how it went:
L to R, Holli, Leah, Elizabeth, Kate A.

One of the girls, Caroline, emailed Eli, Kate’s fiancĂ©, a list of questions about the two as individuals and as a couple. It was Kate’s job to try and answer the same as she thought Eli would answer. Let me tell you, this marriage is going to work!! She got some answers right that absolutely amazed me! There were even some that Eli answered, she is probably going to say this and then change her mind… and SHE DID!! Scary right! Well, not really scary, they just know each other really well. I won’t share the questions with you as they were for the bachelorette party only, but the fact that she knew all of the little things about Eli reminded me just how important communication with your significant other is.  You should always feel open and free enough to say/do whatever without wondering what your other half will say. That is a real relationship. I was talking to my friend Rebekah not too long ago and she was saying how much she looks forward to road trips with her boyfriend because it gives them time to just hangout and talk without any distractions. (no TV or internet blah blah you know what I am talking about) But it’s so true! If we can just take a little time to talk to each other, you can learn some pretty awesome things about one another. It doesn’t have to be a car ride, but say a spring evening on the back porch or cooking with each other with the TV off and maybe a little music on. It is just so nice to forget about distractions of the world today and talk with each other. In my opinion, talking to each other can only bring you closer and make your relationship stronger. Okay sorry, back to the weekend.

The next morning we went to brunch at a local place called, Bread Winners. It was quite tasty! I got a yummy “scrambler.” Scrambled eggs with basically anything you wanted in them. It was a great way to start the day. The cafĂ© was located in a shopping center where the next activity was to be held. Manicures and Pedicures! Whoohoo! I love these but NEVER make time to go treat myself to one. We rented out the place (which is of course Kate’s favorite) but we finished up brunch earlier than expected so we had some time to kill. Okay there are 15 girls with nothing to do for an hour, what do you think we did. SHOPPING!! There was a Neiman Marcus Last Call in the shopping center as well, so that’s where we headed. Okay if you have never been in one of these before, they can potentially be dangerous. It is a majority of the brands that are in the regular Neiman Marcus, but they are either last season, or over bought inventory that they need to get rid of and they have GREAT prices! Perfect for us folks with champagne taste and a beer wallet. Oh and they were having a buy 3 items and get 30% off sale.. SCORE! The Oxford ladies went crazy when we walked in… Keep in mind there is not a Neiman Marcus in the STATE of Mississippi J

Elizabeth, Leah, Kate R, Kate A, Me

Goodie Bags

This picture is just so typical

We all got some great deals and then headed down the way to be pampered. Okay, remember how I told you Molly is a great planner, well she struck again at the nail shop. Mimosas with raspberries! It was the most relaxed I have been in a long time!

Mags and I were put in charge of mimosas

Ladies Relaxing

The Bride being pampered

Afterwards we headed back to the house and showered up before we got to one of my favorite parts of the weekend!! Showering Kate with lingerie for her honeymoon!! I wont give details, but it was so much fun! She would kill me if I told you anything about this part, so my lips are sealed (well I guess its really my fingers are stagnant on this issue).

Mollie cut out pictures of Kate's face and posted them all over the room :) 


Things to embarrass Kate

She's so cute!
Forget to mention there was a quick shotgun for Bry because she couldn't be there

The bride and myself

Holli, Kate, Laura Kate

Kate A, Caroline, Carley, Kate R, Leah 

We then headed out to supper at a local pizza place called Eno’s Pizza. It was in an area of Dallas called Oak Cliff, which is sort of the art district of Dallas so that should give you an idea of what the place was like.  LOVE IT!! After dinner we had a little surprise for Kate, PARTY BUS!! All of the girls walked out before her and then Molly brought down Kate a few seconds after and we were all standing outside the party bus ready to hit the town!! 

Surprise! Party Bus!

We drove around for a good while singing and laughing and just over all having a great time! We decided we wanted to go to the bar, so we headed to Dragonfly at Hotel Zaza where we may or may not have fibbed a little to get in. Thanks J Hat! It was like no place I had ever been before. There were people there that had flown in from Vegas for the night, several ladies from the Bachelorette show (which a few of us have a guilty pleasure of watching), and then us, haha!!! Your typical southern ladies in awe of everything around us, but enjoying ourselves thoroughly.

Some of the ladies in the back of the bus
Kate A, Leah, Kate R, Elizabeth, Carley, Soder

Hotel Zaza!!
Maggie, Me, Leah, Elizabeth, Kate R, Laura Kate

We realized it was close to closing time so back to the house we went, of course taking the LONG way as to fully enjoy the party bus atmosphere. Once again we had time to just hang out with everyone, eating a little late night guacamole of course. I won’t tell you what was discussed throughout the weekend or all ofd the juicy details, but rest assured it was a wonderful weekend! It is so nice to get away with friends and just have a good time with no worries! Okay that is all for now. Just wanted to share with you my wonderful weekend! It was a great reminder of how important friends are!! Keep them and cherish them! You will be glad later down the road that you have them to turn to when you truly need them.

I continue to Charge Thru life,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lent time!

This past Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, the official start of Lent!! 

It is that time of year again to give up something for Lent. Lent is the time to fast before the feast of Easter to mimic Jesus’ 40 day fast in the wilderness.  It is thought to be a “spiritual spring cleaning,” a time to refocus your life on the Lord and get rid of those things around you that may be hindering your relationship with Jesus. (a little tidbit I learned, the word Lent comes from the German word for springtime)

My roommate Kate and I have taken on the task of giving up bread! I know crazy right! But I like to choose something that is really hard for me and not just give up something for the sake of doing it. I like to challenge myself so I can truly strengthen my faith during this special time. I mean in the grand scheme of things…it’s 40 days! You can do anything for 40 days right…  Yes it will be difficult, but with Kate by my side, I have faith we can do it! And hey, maybe we will shed a few pounds in this process J

So, I was sitting in Pilates class Monday morning and the subject of Lent came up. My instructor, Renee said you should give up something that consumes your life and distracts you from your relationship with the Lord. When she said that, it really got me thinking. That is really what Lent is supposed to be, so what do I need to give up that is distracting me from furthering my relationship with Jesus? This is a pretty obvious one, occupying my free time at work with Facebook, Twiter and everything else on the Internet. This too will be gone for Lent. These “social networks” have changed this world both for the better and for the worse. It is truly a way to stay in touch with family members and close friends but it also creates a distraction from the real reason we are here. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing either one of them because I LOVE them (just a little bit of my guilty pleasure) but I’m going to cut back significantly, specifically during work hours.

Within one week, I received two different books that will help me along my way. Cole’s Dad and Mom, Mr. John and Mrs. Cindy, both gave me books dealing with encouragement and living with and for the Lord. I have started the one that Mrs. Cindy gave me titled “God Never Blinks, 50 Lessons for Life’s Little Detours” by Regina Brett. So far it is WONDERFUL! (More on this book later, it deserves a blog post of its own)

I encourage everyone to give up something for Lent whether you are a believer or not. Just to challenge yourself and I promise you can charge thru it with flying colors! I believe in you!
With Love,

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fam Jam!

The weekend before last was VERY special to me! One of my sisters, Lilian is expecting her first child and my 3 sisters and I were lucky enough to throw her a baby shower in Memphis!! Yes, that is special enough it its own, but coming from the HUGE family that I do, it is a task to get everyone together at one time. I wont even try to explain how my family all fits together, just know that it is rare we are all in the same place at the same time. When there are 9 siblings including yourself, it is tough to find a time when someone is NOT busy. Anyway …

Sisters! (L to R Melissa, Lilian, Myself, Eva)

My step-sister Eva was gracious enough to hold the shower at her house (she has the perfect house for entertaining) The kitchen opens up into a HUGE den area where there is plenty of room to sit and gossip about who knows what. The shower was a success!! I brought some yummy pasta salad and broccoli salad that is lets just go ahead and face it, ADDICTING, from a place in Oxford called Emiliegh’s Bakery. Even with her broken hip, my mom got some YUMMY cupcakes, and Melissa(my other sister) brought some delicious chicken salad on sister Shubert rolls… Add in some fruit and sherbet punch.. YUMMY!!! 

My sister, Lilian


Green sherbet with floating duckies!   Shower invitation 

Okay I will take this millisecond to give my BF a shout out… He is from a place called Luverne, AL. Yeah I know you have never heard of it…It is about an hour south of Montgomery, AL and I love it! Even thought it only has a population of 2,600, it is nicknamed “The Friendliest City of the South,” and it is where Sister Shubert rolls are made!!  Whoohoo! No I haven't met her, Cole.. HINT* HINT*! :) 

Okay, back to the shower…. Lilian got TONS of presents for her baby to be (in typical Lilian fashion, she isn’t finding out the sex of the baby). We had so much fun talking with our friends and family! I never realized how much stuff you need when you are having a child, especially your first child. You could just see it in her face how excited she was. She is going to be the most incredible mother. I have 3 amazing sisters to learn parenting tips from, I should be a pro by the time I have children!

Opening Gifts!


I knew she would be such a cute pregnant woman~

After the shower everyone from my dad’s side of the family headed over to Melissa’s house to see the rest of our family. This is the first time all of my siblings on this side have been in the same room in over 2 years, (there are 5 of us) Pretty awesome!!! We were even only missing one spouse! (you were there in spirit Jay) He is a preacher in Cleveland so he can’t go out of town too often because his most important work day is Sunday J It was SO incredible to have all of us in the same room. Now as if that wasn’t special enough, this day was also the first time I met one of my nephews! Clemens was born 6 months ago but lives in San Francisco and I am…. well…. broke.  This was also the first day Clemens got to meet my other nephew, his cousin, Pal. This day was so very special to me because I am not sure the next time I will see everyone again… Makes me sad, but I know the Lord will bring us together in time.

Peepaw (my dad) with his grandson (my nephew) Pal

Holding Peepaw's hand

 Pal with his favorite Auntie Em

Peepaw swinging with my niece, Ann

My nephew Clemens and my brother Tate

Lilian and I

It is times like these that I remember just how incredibly blessed I am to have such a loving family. We may be a large family, but the more people the more love to go around.  Yes at times it is hard to keep up with everyone and we have our ups and downs just like any other family, but I thank God everyday for each and every one of my family members! 

Everyone on my dad's side of the family
(L to R) Back Row: Jesse (brother), Caroline (Sister-in-law), Pal (nephew), Lilian (sister), myself, Peepaw (my dad) Tate (my brother), Clemens (nephew), Tom (brother-in-law) Front Row: Betsy (niece) Ann (niece) Yes they are identical twins, Melissa (my sister) and Hilary Anne (my sister-in-law)

Although it was a HUGE challenge growing up in such a large family, I pushed through and allowed it to it shape me into the woman I am today. I would not have had it any other way. 
With Love,

Monday, February 28, 2011

Letters from India! Whoohoo!!

If you are anything like me, you can vividly recall from your childhood those times when you mother would be SO worried about you and you never understood why. You knew you were safe wherever you were, but she still seemed to worry. Whenever I would ask why she was so worried, her response was always “You will understand when you have kids of your own.” Yeah right I thought. I would never worry as much as you do. Well, I am starting to understand what she was talking about.

Now, I don’t have biological kids of my own, but as you will recall from an earlier post, I do foster three of the children that I met in India. I consider these children my own. I think and pray about them daily and long for the day I can return to see their smiling faces. I am starting to realize what my mother was talking about. I have worried about them since the day I left, wondering if they are okay, studying hard, and getting adequate nutrition. I wrote them letters a few weeks ago and have been patiently … okay, rather impatiently… waiting to receive a letter back.

Well, this past Thursday I was having a let’s say, less than pleasant day. I happened to be in Memphis for the day for a few doctor’s visits (we all know how fun that can be), so when I finally returned to Oxford, I was exhausted and in a foul mood. All I wanted to do was eat supper and head to bed. But when I walked in the house I was elated by what I saw on the coffee table. I knew right away what it was… LETTERS FROM MY KIDS!!! AHH! This day just got WONDERFUL!!

I immediately opened it up and found several hand written letters and pictures that my girls drew for me. My heart was gleaming with joy… I am such a proud mother! Although their English is pretty impressive, they don’t always know how to say exactly what them mean, so their letters were written in Tamil. I LOVED this! Yes there was a translated copy included so I knew what they were writing, but still, it was so cool to think that my kids could communicate with me even though we are literally half way around the world from one another and speak completely different languages. I can’t express how excited I am to receive these letters.  The things they wrote to me will stick with me forever. Two of the letters began the same way…

“Dear Foster Parents,
By the grace of the Lord I am fine.”

I had to stop right there and just ponder on that. Remember, these children have nothing but they are perfectly fine because they have the Lord. This just amazes me every time I think about it. I envy how genuine their love is for God. He’s all they have to rely on and I can only hope that I can share that same depth of faith one day.

The letters went on to thank me for accepting them as my foster children and they told me they are praying for me everyday. It is such a peaceful feeling knowing that half way around the world there is someone praying for me. Whether you are a believer or not, knowing that someone out there takes time to think about you everyday is a pretty amazing feeling!!  There was another sentence in two of the letters that made me stop again, “I shall behave as a good child to you.” Not only do I think of them as my children, they think of me as their mother. How AWESOME is that! They want to act like a good child for ME! It makes me want to jump on a plane and head back there right now, just so that I can hug them and tell them I love them.

One thing that was consistent throughout all three letters was that they are “eagerly expecting my photo.” The children at ICMC like to have a picture of their foster parents to show their friends who is taking care of them. I can’t wait to put a package in the mail for them.

They don’t have lined paper at the Promised Land, so my kids had to take the time to use a ruler to draw lines all the way down a piece of paper so that they could write in a straight line. That is just another thing I take for granted. I have more notebook paper than I know what to do with it. Guess I know where some of that extra paper is going J 

Just holding these letters, knowing that they were in their little hands before I got them is a feeling that I can’t quite explain. Their letters are full of hope and love and I see just how happy I have made these children by fostering them. What they don’t know is the joy and happiness they have given me. I have a bond with these children through the Lord that can never be broken. No matter where they may go, I will always think and pray for my children. 

I am officially a worried mother. Thanks for at least giving me a warning Mom…
Remember you may be having a challenging day, but push through it WILL get better!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ole Miss Baseball with Friends

This past weekend was the opening weekend of Ole Miss baseball. Now, not sure how it is where you are from but Ole Miss baseball is a huge deal! You have several options when choosing where to sit and watch the game. If you are lucky enough to have tickets, there is a “Diamond Club,” which is basically like skyboxes that look out over the field. If not, you can opt for the regular seats in the stadium where all the action is, or you can even head out to the outfield where my friends and myself usually like to enjoy an afternoon of baseball. In the right field you have all of the current students that tend to be loud and sometimes a little more obnoxious. You bring your own chairs and set up hours before the game actually starts. The students usually walk in dragging coolers full of cold beverages and hot dogs to cook on the charcoal grills that Ole Miss provides. To give you an idea of their rowdiness, if Ole Miss gets a home run, each student takes whatever drink they have in their hand and throws it high up in the air. I know what you are thinking and you are exactly right, everyone gets SOAKED! Now this is a fairly new tradition. When I was in college we didn’t do this, but it was a tradition I got a taste of it when I sat over there during Saturday’s game. Here is a video all about right field and HUGE Ole Miss baseball really is...

Now heading over to left field, things are a little different. You will find all of the young alumni that still live in and around the Oxford can get rowdy at times but are still under control. The population over here ranges from young married couples to those with young kids that tend to want to play in the dirt throughout the game instead of actually watching the game.  This is where we usually sit. One of my good friends Leah and her husband Matt chipped in with several couples to buy an “outdoor box” for this season. It is a designated area where they can cook and put chairs up without having to get there super early to save seats. Brilliant idea if you ask me!! Anyway, my friend Elizabeth and I got to sit with Leah and enjoy a BEAUTIFUL oxford Sunday during the baseball game this weekend. 

Ole Miss swept the weekend with three wins so it was an EXCELLENT way to start the season!

It is a tradition for each section of the outfield to sing "Hotty Toddy," our signature chant for sporting events when we win a baseball game. Each time, the team raises their hats in appreciation. These are the words to the chant... 

Hotty Toddy, Gosh Almighty
Who the hell are we?
Flim Flam Bim Bam 
Ole Miss 
By Damn!!

Sky above the stadium

This is the sunset after the baseball game this past Sunday!

Okay, I promise there is a point to telling you all of this hullabaloo. While I was enjoying the game this past Sunday with some girls, I was thinking about how important it was to have fellowship with the ones close to you. Friends can be there for you when you are down and to celebrate when things are great. Just like any other relationship, you must put in effort for the friendship to work.  I know we all get busy in our own lives but it so important to make time for your friends!! Whether it is a dinner with the girls or a phone call with someone who lives halfway across the US, you have to make the time and actually do it! If you are always making excuses why you can’t go visit or why you can’t talk on the phone, your friends will slowly drift away and before you know it they will no longer be there.  Now I know that sounds a bit harsh, but it’s the truth. I know that I don’t want to look up in 10 years and realize I have lost touch with the ones that mean so much to me right now. When you are struggling to find the time, remember how much fun you have with your friends and how you don’t want that to end. Just wanted to share that with everyone because I have been struggling with this lately.

These are some pictures of times that I have spent with my good friends...

Few years ago in Memphis

In Oxford at Waltz this past Summer

After a home football game with some girls

This is Colonel Reb, our mascot, in New Orleans 

Well that is all for now! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Charge Thru Challenge,

Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm where I'm supposed to be

Well for starters, Happy Valentine's Day!! I'm not much of a goob for Valentine's celebration, but thought I would spread a little love! Anyway... on to today's post.

So if you are a “church goer,” you have probably been to a service where you felt like they were talking directly to you. You might have been hesitant to go that service, but for some reason you went anyway. Well, that was my situation yesterday. 

Saturday night I got a phone call that my mom had fallen and hit her head and possibly broken her hip. At this point we had NO idea what was going to happen, but she told me not to drive to Memphis because there would be nothing I could do. I didn’t hear back from them that night so of course I was up all night worrying. When my alarm went off to get up and go to church, I went back and forth debating whether to go or head up to Memphis. Since I hadn’t heard from them I thought it couldn’t be serious or they would have called to let me know. My ultimate decision was to go to church, so off Cole and I went. When I got out of church, I had a message from both a drugged up on Morphine Mother and my Step-Dad. They had a cancellation and she was going into surgery in 15 minutes. Yeah crazy is what I thought too! Needless to say I got on the road to Memphis after Church, but it is what I heard in Church that I really want to write about…

We had Reverend James Newsom come from St. George’s Episcopal Church/school in Memphis as a guest to preach our sermon this morning.  He is the chaplain for the kindergarten through 2nd grade, so he was pretty good at keep the attention of the congregation. Anyway, he had just become the chaplain a year ago, so his sermon was all about accepting the path the Lord has given you. When he was first asked to be the chaplain he said he was very hesitant, unsure that a chaplain was the calling Jesus had given him.  After much prayer, he accepted the position with a little bit of an unsure heart. A year later, he is without a shadow of a doubt sure that God knew what he was doing when he called him to be the chaplain. At times we may question the plan that Jesus has for us, but we must learn to accept it and perform to the best of our ability.

I have struggled so much with doubt about my life plan over the past few weeks that I have forgotten to stop and thank Him for where I am now. I love what I do for a living and I know I am doing the right thing. I was reminded that the Lord has an ultimate plan for me and my current job is part of that plan. I may not be here forever, as I feel He may be starting to pull me in other directions, but I am going to do my best to Glorify him in the part of my life I am in now. At times you may think you are straying from the right path, but just ask him and he will show you. You just have to be willing to listen. That is where I tend to fault. I ask over and over, but struggle to listen to what his answer is.

The sermon this morning was my answer LOUD AND CLEAR! Stay where I am, as he has a plan for me and when he is ready for me to move, he will show me the way. Now I’m not saying just sit back and relax and coast on the coat tail of Jesus, but know that he has had your ENTIRE life planned before you were even conceived in the womb. I’m not trying to preach, I just often get asked by non-believers why it is that I believe. This is one of those reasons. I have prayed day after day for guidance on what it is I am supposed to be doing. After coming back from India, I really want to get involved with helping children, but it is very apparent to me, that it will happen when it is supposed to. After hearing this sermon yesterday, I know that right now me having that career is not what he wants. There is something I have yet to learn or share where I currently am. Looks like volunteering is where I will be heading first… that’s why I believe.

Charge thru your challenges one day a time. Worry about today right now and tomorrow when it gets here. 

With Love in Him,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I might have to sell by cowboy boots and buy some skis...

A snowfall in Oxford is typically, if we are lucky, for one day in February and at the most a ¼ inch accumulation on the ground and the city completely shutting down! School closings, business not being open, its even pretty hard to find a place to eat even though the roads are PERFECTLY fine. Well, this winter has been COMPLETELY different. We have already had several large snowfalls, causing havoc around Oxford. Grade schools have to postpone the start of their summer vacation to make up for snow days, the Ole Miss students had to take class on Saturday, and we had to close work 2 separate times! Now, the first snowfall was fun and we did get 6 inches of snow, which is HUGE for us folks down in Mississippi, but when the snow stuck around for the next week, everyone was pretty much over it.

Cole with the Pups

 We made snow angels!!! 

 It was really cold!

 And then they threw snowballs at me.

7 Inches this snow!

No one here knows how to drive in the snow or ice, so the number of wrecks is through the roof.  When the snow turns black and packs on the side of the road, it makes beautiful Oxford not so beautiful.  We don’t have a single snowplow in the state of Mississippi that I am aware of, so you can imagine how everyone was freaking out. I know now why God has put me in Mississippi. I can’t stand the snow. It is great for a night to play in, but gosh I would get sick of it if I had to deal with it everyday of my life.  Once again, He knows what’s right.

Okay I will admit, watching my kiddos run around in the snow is pretty fun. I have a black dog named Pace, and Cole has a chocolate dog named Gunner. They are inseparable and I call them both my own. 

The Kids

Of course I made Cole take a picture with me every time it snowed… If you know Cole, you know how thrilled he gets when its time to take pictures.  He gets this cute little “are you serious” face on and immediately says, “where do you want me to stand?” He thinks posed pictures are pointless and that they should all be candid. Now I agree with him that candid pictures are better, but if I am the photographer, who is supposed to take pictures of us?
Night of the first snow

The next morning after the most recent snow

Even though I am so over the snow, the photographer in me jumps on chances like this to take some fun pictures as well. My dogs are usually the lucky victims of taking snow pictures. I have discovered a trick to get my dogs to look at the camera...BRIBE THEM! Yes, that’s right, dog treats. They will do anything I want them to if I just hold a treat right above the camera. Yes technically it is bad parenting, but at least I am getting it out of the way on my dogs rather than my future children, right? 

The most recent snow started early enough so I got to get out and take some pictures around town. Oxford is such a beautiful city and even more so when it is blanketed by several inches of snow.  

The Grove, Oxford, MS

The Grove

Where University of Mississippi football players walk to head to Vaught Hemingway Stadium 

Lamar Park, Oxford, MS

Okay that’s all for now. Nothing deep for today. Just wanted to share some pictures from the snowfalls over the past few months.  Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

With Love,